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Tools to help you build a performance culture in your team, and boost your e-commerce.

Save time and money, make less mistakes.


The best tool to help you avoid time leakage.

A unique tool to manage your Core Web Vitals and build a web performance culture. Make your changes and test the Core Web Vitals before moving it to production. Get information at a stage where you can still make adjustments.

Take care of your CWV

Schedule an automated checking of your site at any moment, watch for your Core Web Vitals, and take care of your website.

Track performance through time

Our tool tracks the impact on performance of each change made to the site while keeping a historical record, whether you have a CI/CD pipeline or work with a page builder.

Plan ahead

Make changes and see what effect they have on performance at the development stage.


A simple dashboard for monitoring, with a super easy setup.

Performance enhancement

Speed sells - it really is that simple.

With our Web Performance Tool, we make sure that load times are fast, pages are streamlined, and your bounce rate is reduced. This leads to increased revenue and overall better customer experience.

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How do I use the tool?

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To schedule the tracking, you can access the tool's platform, which you will have access to once you have acquired the product. From the platform, you will also be able to see all your metrics and the history of your performance.

Where can I get the tool?

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You can contact our sales team here.

Where can I use this tool?

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You can use it whether you have a CI/CD pipeline or work with a page builder.

How does it improve the performance culture of the company?

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By constantly reviewing the performance of your site, through our programmer. Easily identify the impact of each change on performance. Promoting clean work in every instance of development. And reviewing the impact of each change on performance before launching it to production.


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