POST-CLICK optimization

optimize the post-click experience with cross-channel messaging.

The first click is exciting. But it’s the second, third and fourth clicks that make all the difference.

Post-click optimization

It’s time to get personal.

From pre-click to post-click, we’ll take you there! Our post-click software makes it easy for you to reach out, engage, and guide customers through their buying journey on a personal level. It’s like the GPS, but for your marketing.

Branded channels

Create branded channels inside all top social media and messaging apps: Messenger, WhatsApp and more.

No app installation

Convert users in one click. No additional apps required.

Digital IDs

Match each user with unique social ID and re-engage users with personal offers.

Special features

Fully synchronized features for marketing, commerce, and payments - all in English and 190 other languages.

You know what’s better than one channel? More channels!

We can make you two. Or three. Or 10. Any number of channels you need to reach your customers whenever they are, however they want to be reached.

Facebook Messenger

Your own branded channel on Facebook Messenger.

Linked yo your current official Facebook page: reuse all your audience and previous engagements.

Data processing and privacy setting embedded.

Experience designed to maximize engagement, conversions, service.



Your own branded channel on WhatsApp.

Text-first vs. rich experience: WhatsApp supports a simple, text-driven experience.

User experience optimized to maximize channel capability. API and experience regularly updated.

Fully synchronized with all your other channels for: marketing, commerce, account management.

02 Seamless

Your own branded mobile ad conversion channel, designed to convert ad campaigns with 1-click.

Allows personal, targeted offers to be pushed inside the channel without the need to install an app.

Linked to your official webpage.

Fully synchronized with all your other channels for: marketing, commerce, account management.



What is a post-click journey and where does it start?

Take control of your customer throughout all their interactions with your brand, your own data and your own destiny.

Create Social Retail Marketing channels inside any top social and messaging app to reach and engage all potential customers. Control your campaigns and use data to cultivate your relationship with customers.

How does post-click automation help?

Post click optimization can help you achieve 2x higher conversion rate, 40% remarketing CTR, 2,7x lower cost conversion, 100% control.

What makes up an optimized post-click experience?

Reach Consumers where they live, inside social media; create your own channels.

Connect with consumers on a personal level; re-market based upon customer behavior data.

Cultivate your own customer relationship; not only relying on Meta or Google data.

How do I craft the best post-click experience?

Get More Engagement, Visibility and Data

-Know where in campaign flow a customer was converted or lost.

-Measure the efficiency and impact of social ad campaign spend.

-Re-engage lost consumers with targeted and personalized offers.

-Use data to learn more and get closer to your potential customers.


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