Hyper-personalized campaigns with human touch, at machine speed

Machines don’t get tired. Machines don’t even need coffee breaks. Personalize marketing efforts with AI all while increasing your ROI.

Target customers with super-precision and do it all without lifting a finger.

Save time and avoid the tiresome manual work of identifying audience groups. Let our AI tools do the work for you, and use their technology to process big data with great speed and accuracy.

Collect data from multiple sources

Omni-Sourced User Profiling maps your brand’s competitor’s and audience’s data  universe by providing real-time insights into audience behaviour, customer needs and competitive positions.

Understand who your audiences are

AI Audience Analysis gathers millions of audience data points through text and images, which then allows better targeting of your audience based on ther demographics and more.

Find your highest value audience

Dynamic Long-Tail Targeting clusters your audience by up to 15,000 segments acording to the highest chance of conversion, ensuring campaign clicks from interested users.

Run campaigns on autopilot

Our AI tool optimizes and A/B tests every 30 minutes to find the best-performing ones.


Optimization Technology

Fictional buyer personas are no more! With Optimization Technology, you can gather deep insights into your customer’s shopping habits and motivations and create customer profiles in real-time.

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AI Copywriter

Generate an infinite amount of AI creatives based on psychographics. Power up your campaigns with content that is optimized for social media, sales copy, branding and everything in between.

Influencer discovery

Discover relevant influencers on social media based on demographics, geographic and interest criteria. Rank results based on audience size and engagement, and identify the best fit for your campaign.

AI Creative Predictor

AI Creative Predictor analyzes you and your competitor’s creative performance on social media. Use the tool to test different versions and choose the ones with the highest predicted click-through rate.


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