Abbot laboratories - case study

A leading company in the pharmaceutical segment worldwide.

Abbott Laboratories, chose us based on our capabilities and our way of proposing a solution to a problem faced by most brands at an e-commerce level.

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A brief summary.

Abbott Laboratories wanted an answer to a challenging question: How to streamline its operation and generate high-impact strategies and agile scalability, allowing them to be leaders in the region in just 12 months from the launch.

For this, our methodology began with the joint assembly of the case to work, focusing on technical and business consulting, which allowed them to have greater visibility of the project and its respective needs.

Our UX/UI team worked together with the brand to adapt the visual capabilities of Abbott Laboratories to the web interface, following market and industry trends. We implemented +30 e-stores in 8 countries in the region, working with the technological actors (payments, logistics) that the project needed, allowing to have an omnichannel strategy, efficient, and growing day by day.
The client

About Abbott Laboratories.

$43.1 billion
In 2021
Founded in 1879, Abbott Laboratories is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Currently employing 113,000 people and generating revenues of $43.1 billion in 2021, Abbott leads multiple markets through its products, mainly: glucose monitors, blood and plasma measurements, heart pumps and monitoring and adult and infant nutrition.

For its Nutrition line, Abbott has Ensure, Pediasure, Glucerna, Máster Mamá and Pedialyte brands, many of them leaders in their segments.

It is a business unit that generates, globally, a revenue of 1.85 Billion.
The challenge

Scalability and presence.

In 2019, Abbott's nutritional line did not yet have e-commerce, but it did have a presence on an institutional website and through marketplaces and distributors.

Balloon Group, part of, was chosen as the ideal partner to face the new challenge of immersing brands in digital sales.

Part of the complexity of the project was to develop an e-commerce platform that was originally launched for a single country and limited brands but had to be able to be extended to all brands and countries in the region, giving also the possibility to integrate with multiple players and new functionalities. 

Scalability was challenging, being able to add different currencies, warehouses, stocks, logistics and services generated additional complexity.
our work

Based on Adobe Commerce, we developed a complete end-to-end solution for e-commerce, complemented by an ESB as middleware and custom solutions for specific needs:

Generation of 30 Stores in Adobe Commerce:
Each country managed with its own currency and presenting its particularities.
Integrations for all stores
Each store has its own means of payment and logistics, at the same time, each country has its own and multiple warehouses, this allows to manage stock in a more accurate way but showing it in a unified way.
Development of an ESB
A middleware that connects different logistics in each country, makes dynamic shipment estimations and stock integrations, while also connecting the information about the e-commerce users with Salesforce. 
Creation of a service console
It includes visualization of order status to enable and facilitate Contact Center management.
Generation of a Loyalty Program
It allows users to add up scores, have classifications by levels and access to different benefits. It was also managed together with a module that allowed unifying the benefits of online purchases with purchases made at physical points of sale. 
Subscription projects
Receive regular purchases with defined frequency and automated payment.
E-commerce management
For all countries and brands: stock management, catalog loading, coupon generation, cart rules, banner loading and performance reports.
results and next steps

How did it go?

After successfully deploying 30 e-stores in 8 countries, with an uptime of 99%, +175,000 orders processed and +$7,500,000 in sales, we can call it a success.

 In the first place, the main objective of supporting and accompanying the brand in its landing in the world of online sales in different countries and with different brands was achieved. 

Additionally, a high volume of transactions, orders and visits was successfully managed. In addition, multiple tools were created to strengthen the original platform (integrations, middleware, loyalties program and subscriptions, among others).

On the other hand, we also provided support in the maintenance of the stores and their commercial management, accompanying the growth of each store with backend management for optimal sales performance.

Next steps.

Looking ahead, and facing new stages and challenges, there are multiple projects and plans to maintain and accelerate growth.

Among them, the generation of applications and PWA for a more efficient use of mobile versions, the landing in new countries and more regions, and the possibility of keeping commercial dynamics updated by integrating new payment methods.

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