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Digicel Panama launches social media engagement and commerce platform powered by FastForward.ai
Digicel partners with FastForward.ai to launch its social media engagement and commerce platform in 31 countries
Our CEO Augie Fabela speaks at Mobile World Congress 2019
Kaan Terzioğlu, former Turkcell CEO, joins FastForward.ai advisory board
Watch Phil Libin interview our CEO at the All Turtles Paris launch event

FastForward empowers enterprises to engage with customers where they spend 85% of their time online: social media

Today, 3.5 billion social media users spend 2h:16m time per day using social on mobile.
Our Engagement and Commerce Platform works inside social media, enabling enterprises to reach and empower their customers, helping them modernize the user experience with our CRM, unlocking 1-click digital commerce and driving brand awareness inside social media channels, such as: Facebook, FB Messenger, Instagram, Viber, Twitter, WhatsApp and others.
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Customer care
Targeted campaigns
Digital commerce
Direct branded engagement

Delivering results

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*Results are based on twelve months of real data of a mobile operator.

Modernize engagement and bring your customers into the social future.

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Management team

Augie K Fabela II
Co-Founder & CEO
Global telecoms innovator
Serial tech entrepreneur
Co-Founder of VEON—
7th largest mobile operator
Romeo Ganescu
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Mobile product leader & innovator
Led global teams & partnerships
for Vodafone, WIND Canada
and VEON
Miguel Castillo
Chief Financial Officer
Expert in investments,
accounting, lean startups and
operational efficiency
Denis Yantarev
Head of Engineering
Tech leader & platform architect
R&D, APIs & microservices expert
Anna Ivanova
Head of Operations
Agile team leader
Product manager
Client director

Advisory board

Phil Libin
Chair, FastForward.ai Advisory Board
Co-founder and CEO, All Turtles
Senior Advisor, General Catalyst
Co-founder and former CEO, Evernote
Advisor, Women's Startup Lab
Kaan Terzioğlu
Digital Transformation Leader
Former CEO, Turkcell Group
GSMA Award Winner for Outstanding
Mobile Industry Contribution - 2019
World Economic Forum Contributor
Imran Khan
Co-founder, CEO Verishop
Former Chief Strategy Officer, Snap Inc.
Founder, Proem Group
Seasoned investment banker and
Markku Mäkeläinen
Partner, Nexit Ventures
Serial entrepreneur
Global growth & technology leader
Former Director, Facebook’s
Partnerships and Operations
Peter Arnell
Founder and CEO of PeterArnell, Inc
Design, Brand and Communication
expert for global brands:
Samsung, Chrysler, Turkcell,
Digicel and others.
Henrik Aslaksen
Executive Chairman IB, Credit Suisse
Investment Banking (IB) & Capital
Markets EMEA; former Head of
Global M&A & Corporate Finance
EMEA, Deutsche Bank.

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Founder spotlight: Augie Fabela

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