Effectively reach and serve consumers inside social platforms

Take control of your own data!

We empower you to expand your reach and engagement with customers, by visualising their journey in your official channels.

Know where your customers are converted or lost

With the intelligent tracking, create a dedicated journey (conversion funnel) for each campaign to track every step and action. Track where consumers engage, convert, and drop off.

Measure the efficiency and impact of social ad campaign spend

Use the AI machine-learning campaign recommendation engine to estimate campaign performance.

Re-engage lost consumers with targeted and personalised offers

Refine messages, offers, creatives, based on user behavior and data.

Use data to learn more and get closer to your potential customers

Take Data-Driven decisions with the help of our mobile & desktop dashboard.

Social Retail Marketing™ Platform:
A Turnkey Solution

What Our Customers Said

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Jean-Yves Charlier
Digicel Group CEO

“My team is impressed and excited about FastForward.ai’s unique Silicon Valley tech. Your platform will accelerate Digicel Group’s vision to become the digital lifestyle partner for our 14 million customers and will be a cornerstone of our sales and marketing strategies. Well done successfully navigating across multiple stakeholders and delivering ahead of schedule.”

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