Create your own channels inside social media

We empower you to expand your reach and engagement with customers. helps you create the ideal campaigns provides a service of end-to-end campaign management for getting users to start to use the service. We are using a number of channels: digital ads (e.g. Facebook ads, Viber ads), codes printed on promotional materials, push notifications, and others. We offer a complete go-to-market strategy to ensure users are active in the service.

Remarketing campaigns are done through push 1-to-1 messages sent to users who have already interacted with platforms. Push strategy is to present information or offers directly to a known consumer.

Retargeting campaigns aim to remind visitors of the products and services available. These are carried out by showing visitors relevant visual ads when they visit other platforms.

Use data to take insightful decisions


Use our dashboard to monitor and analyse campaign performance. Real-time performance data is attributed to each click, user, campaign or event to help you fine-tune campaigns and increase conversion rate. Our AI-powered campaign recommendation engine extracts insights from data, helps predict results, and suggests next best actions to improve future campaigns.


• Marketing funnel % | CTA conversion %

• Cost of acquisition | Retention cost | Cost / CTA

• Users, usage, engagement. All in our Real-time analytics dashboard (Mobile & desktop), with a reporting API to integrate with back-end systems.

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