helps you create your own channels inside social media

Our goal is to empower you to expand your reach and engagement with customers.

THE Social Retail Marketing Platform™

We are binding the gaps across brands owned channels and all top social platforms to enable insight-driven, seamless digital marketing journeys for superior value.

We are based in Mountain View, CA.

The key to success is
in your hands

Turnkey solutions for enterprises to drive their digital business inside social

Connect all social campaigns using any ad.

Networks real time performance data attributed to each click.

Full featured channels ready for marketing.

Plug-in all digital inventory.

Recommendation engine

Built-in payment options


You call all the shots

You have full control over UX, journey, flow. Everything is customisable to your brand. You know exactly how your audience behaves, navigates and interacts with you. You own all the customer and usage data and can leverage it to make insightful decisions. With data processing and privacy settings embedded, you own it.

Expanded reach, without effort

We turn top social and messaging apps into new channels for your advertising, marketing, sales and re-marketing. Sync all services across all social retail marketing channels on a single platform with built-in payment options and features synchronised for marketing, commerce and account management.

Making every ad dollar count

Converts both current and potential customers in one click;
Linked to your official page: can re-use all your audience and previous engagements.
Match one unique social Digital ID to each user, and re-engage Digital IDs with personal offers.

Data helps you fly sky high

Recommendations engine: predict results and improve future campaigns. Micro-journey analysis: insights to optimise campaign funnels. Create Usage-based Segments [USB] based on user behavior inside each campaign flow. Re-marketing to USB usage-based segments leads to up to 2 x times higher conversion rates % vs. non-segmented re-marketing.

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