Social Retail Marketing™ Channels built to convert your campaigns

Channel Integrations

• Your own branded channel inside Facebook Messenger

• Linked to your current official Facebook page: reuse all your audiences and previous engagements

• Data processing and privacy settings embedded

• Experience designed to maximise engagement, conversions, service

• Your own branded WhatsApp channel

• Text-first vs. rich experience: WhatsApp supports simple, text-driven experience.

• User experience optimised to maximise channel capability. API and experience regularly updated.

• Fully synchronised with all your other channels for: marketing, commerce, account management.

• Your own branded mobile ad conversion channel, designed to convert ad campaigns with 1-click

• Allows personal, targeted offers to be pushed inside the channel without the need to install an app

• Linked to your official web-page

• Fully synchronised with all your other channels for: marketing, commerce, account management is open to integrating any new messaging and social media channels. For any propositions, feel free to contact us.

Get in touch helps you create your own channels inside social media

branded channels
Official, branded channels inside all top social media and messaging apps: Messenger, WhatsApp and more
no need to install app
Convert users in one click, with no need of installing any additional apps
digital ids
Match one unique social Digital ID to each user & reengage them with personal offers
special features
Fully synchronised features for: marketing, commerce, payments, account management, English + 190 languages

Integrated Control Panel

• Plug-in all digital inventory

• Plug-in back-office systems

• Track orders

• Seamless transfer to digital agent

• Dedicated conversion funnel for each ad campaign


• Built-in payment options

• Pay with Card | Paypal

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