Full-featured Social Retail Marketing Channels built to convert your campaigns

THE Social Retail Marketing Platform™

• Official, branded channels inside all top social media and messaging apps: Messenger, WhatsApp and more
• Convert users in one click, even with “App not installed”; don’t need Messenger or Enterprise App installed
• Match one unique social Digital ID to each user
• Re-engage Digital IDs with personal offers
• All channels have features synchronised for: marketing, commerce, account management, English + 190 languages supported
• You have full control over UX, journey, flow, and you own all the customer and usage data Integration with systems: CRM, logistics, payments and more

WhatsApp Channel

• Official WhatsApp channel
• Text-first vs. rich experience: WhatsApp supports simple, text-driven experience. Good for short service updates and account management
• User experience optimised to maximize channel capability.
API and experience regularly updated
• Functionality fully synchronised with all other channels for:
marketing, commerce, account management

FastForward.ai Seamless Channel

• It’s a mobile ad conversion channel designed to convert Google ad campaigns with 1-click
• Works with other top ad networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and more
• Address customers with ‘app not installed’
• Allows personal, targeted offers to be pushed inside the channel
• Linked to official web-page
• UX design aligned with brand guidelines
• Synchronized with other social channels for: marketing, commerce, account mgmt.

Facebook Messenger Channel

• Official branded mobile channel inside Facebook Messenger
• Full functionality for: marketing, commerce, account management – integrated with your
• Linked to your current official Facebook page: can re- use all your audiences and
previous engagements
• Data processing and privacy settings embedded
• UX design aligned with your brand guidelines
• Experience designed to maximize engagement, conversions, service

What Our Customers Said

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Jean-Yves Charlier
Digicel Group CEO

“My team is impressed and excited about FastForward.ai’s unique Silicon Valley tech. Your platform will accelerate Digicel Group’s vision to become the digital lifestyle partner for our 14 million customers and will be a cornerstone of our sales and marketing strategies. Well done successfully navigating across multiple stakeholders and delivering ahead of schedule.”

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